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Building basements without wasting water

City Council will review Staff’s recommendations for 2017 dewatering regulations on March 7th, 2017. Please join us for a special City Council meeting on Tuesday, March 7th at 6 pm (the City has changed the date several times; we will reconfirm … Continue reading

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What Are Your Reasons?

We’ve been asked why we oppose dewatering. These are some of our reasons: 1. There are better ways to build basements that dramatically reduce the amount of water wasted. 2. Water Scarcity/Water Security We’re in a drought. We have a growing … Continue reading

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Join Us Dec.14th, City Hall at 6 pm

Dear Supporters, Many of you have expressed frustration and/or outrage at all the water gushing out of construction pipes into our storm drains, especially when trees are dying and we’re in a drought. Palo Alto’s Policy and Services Committee will … Continue reading

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The Millenium Tower Building in San Francisco is sinking – could it happen to us?

Recently we heard, “Could massive dewatering in San Francisco be causing the Millennium Tower to sink and tilt?  If that’s part of the problem why isn’t it a problem here?”  After all, Palo Alto has quite a bit of dewatering … Continue reading

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Make Your Voice Heard

As an emergency services volunteer, I joined Save Palo Alto’s Groundwater because we’re in a drought and I saw all that groundwater pouring into our storm drains.   Yes, this water is non-potable but is usable as-is for irrigation, and could … Continue reading

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