Council Hearing re-scheduled to 8/17, 7:50PM; Oak Tree Threatened by Construction Dewatering

RE-SCHEDULED due to STRONG PUBLIC INTEREST  to 7:50 PM Monday, August 17, 2020, but may be a bit earlier or later depending on Council deliberations on earlier items.  This is expected to be the first item on the Action Item Agenda and we expect it will be heard near the planned time.

Please Comment either by joining the meeting remotely (phone 1(669)900-6833 / Zoom meeting ID 362 027 238  ) or by sending e-mail to

The Palo Alto City Council will decide on Aug. 17th on the neighbors’ appeal of the Development Department’s approval of a two story house with a large, deep basement at 2353 Webster.  Construction of this basement, as proposed, risks damage and possibly death from dewatering and root damage to the 300+ year old legally protectedValley oak tree at the back of the property.  In the opinion of Save Palo Alto’s Groundwater, while the Development Department and Arborist considered the surface / shallow root structure, the Tree Protected Plan omitted discussion of the need for Valley Oaks to have year-around access to groundwater and the importance of maintaining the soil moisture around the deeper tap roots.

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