Full Palo Alto Council to Discuss Dewatering Policies at Feb. 1, 2016 Meeting

It’s important that as many as possible attend this meeting at City Council Chambers, 250 Hamilton Ave., 7:45 pm to show support for moving forward on the City of Palo Alto adopting sustainable groundwater policies.

Although Staff Recommendations do not yet meet our goal of maximum conservation of our groundwater for use in a non-rainy day, the City Staff is listening and has proposed a three-tier approach to address concerns raised by Save Palo Alto’s Groundwater.

Save Palo Alto’s Groundwater believes that, while these proposals are in the right direction, the City adding language and quantitative restrictions to the proposed policies by requiring best practice construction methods that minimize groundwater pumping and maximize re-use and aquifer recharge would make the new policies more effective without unduly burdening those building basements.

In anticipation of the Council’s direction, the City‘s Development Department has sent a ‘Notice to Owners/Applicants planning to Dewater and Construct Basements in Palo Alto in 2016’. It is not yet posted in the City’s website but you can see a copy here.

Additionally, Palo Alto is sponsoring a Sustainability Summit on January 24th from noon to 5 pm at Jordan Middle School. Sustainable groundwater practices are not on the agenda but we hope to place them there. Please join us if you can. Together, we’re making a difference!

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