Join Us Dec.14th, City Hall at 6 pm

Dear Supporters,

Many of you have expressed frustration and/or outrage at all the water gushing out of construction pipes into our storm drains, especially when trees are dying and we’re in a drought.

Palo Alto’s Policy and Services Committee will discuss dewatering regulations on Wednesday, Dec. 14th, 6pm at City Hall, 250 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto. We need you and your children, friends and neighbors, to attend and show your support for better managing our groundwater, a finite community resource. We need to protect this water for long-term emergencies (extreme drought, main water pipeline failure, etc.) and for our children, grandchildren and all Palo Alto residents, present and future.


With your support, we are making progress; however, Staff’s proposal needs to be considerably strengthened in order to make meaningful reductions in the amount of groundwater pumped and dumped. City Staff’s proposal is available here.

Come join us and make your voice heard! Tell your neighbors! If you live in Palo Alto and need transportation to attend this meeting or if you have questions, please contact us at If you are absolutely unable to attend the Dec. 14th Policy and Services Committee meeting, please email the City Council at and make your views known. Not much will change unless together we make it happen.

We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at 6 pm on Dec. 14th at City Hall.

Save Palo Alto’s Groundwater!

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