Link to Prof. Hill’s Planning for Rising Waters Presentation, April 24, 2019

For all those who have been asking for a link to Dr. Kristina Hill’s talk, “Planning for Rising Waters: Sea Level, Groundwater and the Bay Edge” held on April 24th, here it is!

Many, many thanks to Maury Green for recording and editing this presentation and allowing us to share with a larger audience all the insights from Dr. Hill’s talk. Don’t miss the many thoughtful comments and questions from the fully engaged audience towards the end of the video. The presentation slides, courtesy of Dr. Hill,  are available for download here.

And thank you again to our excellent speaker, Prof. Hill, U. C. Berkeley, who was very generous with her time and knowledge, to the City of Palo Alto for its unflagging interest and support, and to all our other sponsors and volunteers for their financial support and personal commitment to making this a well-attended and successful event.

Experts previously believed the West Coast would have a few more years to see the impacts of climate change.  With the recent wildfires and with the west Antarctic ice sheet collapse, they now say there’s a sense of urgency for us to respond to climate change.  That includes sea level rise and the more recently recognized groundwater level rise that occurs as the sea level rises.  Levees do not protect us from groundwater rise; groundwater comes from stormwater and drains to the Bay.  This groundwater flow protects us from saltwater intrusion.  We hope Dr. Hill’s presentation encourages residents, policy makers, developers and other interested parties to take into account groundwater level rise as well as sea level rise when planning  current and future construction.

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  1. Douglas Deitch says:

    Reposted: “A couple of Golden Gate dams (plural!) will be the only viable answer to protect California’s water (2/3 of this state’s supply) and food supply and production in the Delta, Sierras, and Central Valley, trillions of $$$ of non inundated real estate, and our collective California butts in the new era of SLR, as one should be able to easily deduce after review of this article from Monterey Bay Conservancy on linkedin? …


    Douglas Deitch says:
    May 7, 2019 at 9:32 am

    … as Dr. Englander tells us @

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