Drought leads to pressure on Palo Alto to halt dumping water for basements

“California’s drought has led some Palo Alto residents to press for a ban on the dumping of millions of gallons of groundwater into storm drains, a result of some basement construction,” reports a story at the Peninsula Press by Liam Kane-Grade and Alex Hicks.

“In 2008, neighbors concerned that dewatering might kill their trees, crack their foundations and wastewater spoke up. This year, residents are pressing the city again,” continues the report.

“I’ve always been concerned about [dewatering], but now I’m really concerned about it because of the drought,” said Jeffrey Koseff, a Stanford professor of civil and environmental engineering who wrote to the mayor in August questioning the practice, according to the article. “Groundwater is really our savings account: it’s the last resort, it’s what we have to use when there’s no precipitation.”

Read the complete article here.

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