Neighbors concerned of water waste at Palo Alto construction site

“Thousands of gallons of water being purposely pumped from the ground in Palo Alto has some residents concerned about wasting water during the drought,” reports KTVU TV. “Every time I turn on the news, every time I get on Facebook, every time I look at Twitter… it’s save water, save water, save water. This is a huge waste of water. We could use that water. Every lawn on this block could use that water,” resident Karen Ewart reportedly said.

“According to Assistant Director Phil Bobel with Palo Alto Public Works, there are three construction locations in which water is being pumped and diverted to the drains. The water ultimately ends up in the San Francisco Bay,” continues the article.

“We haven’t measured it but an estimate would be 50 gallons a minute,” Bobel reportedly said. “That is a lot of water.”

The article notes that “at 50 gallons a minute, approximately 72,000 gallons of water is being diverted per day from each location” and the process can continue from “from six months to more than one year.”

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