Why is ground water pumping still allowed in Palo Alto?

“Last night I was walking my dog and saw a new house being built in the 2100 block of Cowper in OId Palo Alto. The site was furiously pumping out water hole in the ground – i.e. the ground water on the property was being pumped up and out through a series of large industrial hoses to the storm drains at the end of the street.,” writes Bill Glazier in a post at Palo Alto Online.

“In light of the current drought situation, this seems insane that someone is allowed to take increasingly scarce water in our aquifers and ground, and pump it out to the sea, where it is unusable…,” he continues.

Read Glazier’s complete post and the intense discussion (with more than 145 comments) that it generated here.

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  1. village fool says:

    @Bill Glazier,

    Thank you for pointing to this issue more than a year ago. Another situation where doing the right thing just makes sense.
    I responded to you on my blog –

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