Our Advisory Board

We are pleased to have these prominent members of the Palo Alto community serving on Save Palo Alto’s Groundwater’s advisory board:

Peter Drekmeier
Peter Drekmeier is current Policy Director at the Tuolumne River Trust. Raised in Palo Alto on Hetch Hetchy water, Peter knows the Bay Area well. In 1990 he founded Bay Area Action (now Acterra), and has coordinated two international Earth Day campaigns. He has extensive experience working on land use initiatives. Peter is a whitewater rafting guide and a former mayor of Palo Alto.

Dr. Leah Rogers
Dr. Leah Rogers worked as a research hydrogeologist, a business development executive, and an intellectual property manager at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for many years. She licensed technologies invented at LLNL to industry primarily in the water-energy-climate nexus. She also taught geology at Chabot College and worked for the U.S. Geological Survey. She is now involved with ways to encourage water sustainability and management through education, policy and alliance building.

Greg Schmid
Greg Schmid, Ph.D., is a 45 year resident of Palo Alto. He is an economist who has worked with the Federal Reserve and consulted with governments, non-profits and corporations. He has served on the Palo Alto School Board and the City Council and is currently on the board of BAWSCA (Bay Area Water Supply & Conservation Agency).

Brian Schmidt
Brian Schmidt (J.D., environmental and water law) is a program director at Greenbelt Alliance where he leads the Natural Landscapes and Farms & Ranches Forever Initiatives. Previously he was elected as a director of the Santa Clara Valley Water District for District 7, which includes Palo Alto. As an environmental lawyer, Brian has deep experience aiding nonprofits, including Earthjustice, the National Resources Defense Council and for governmental agencies on issues related to global warming, energy, water, and the environment.