Water events in honor of Earth Day

Thank you all who attended Professor Kristina Hill’s presentation on the 24th! She is a terrific speaker; we had over 200 attendees and plenty of questions. For those of you who missed it, the presentation (download here) was videotaped and we will post the link to the video as soon as it’s available.

Main takeaways from this presentation:

  • Palo Alto and other Bay Area cities are very vulnerable to the impacts of sea level rise, with significant impacts likely within the next 20 years.
  • Ground water will rise with sea level rise, leading to significant ground water inundation risks well inland from Highway 101.
  • Levees are not effective against groundwater rise.
  • Possible solutions include digging ponds and canals and placing housing on pontoons in these water bodies.

But wait, Earth Week is not over yet! There are two upcoming water events we recommend:

  1. “Thirsty for Justice: The Struggle for the Human Right to Water” Saturday, April 27, 5 – 7 pm, Los Altos Library, Orchard Room, 13 S. San Antonio Rd., Los Altos, CA

2. Former Palo Alto mayor and environmentalist Peter Drekmeier speaking on “Local Water Supply and Conservation” Saturday, May 4th, noon – 3:30, Holbrook Palmer Park , 150 Watkins Ave., Atherton https://www.ci.atherton.ca.us/463/Earth-Day

It’s never too late to celebrate Mother Earth and life-giving water!



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  1. Douglas Deitch says:

    A couple of Golden Gate dams (plural!) will be the only viable answer to protect California’s water (2/3 of this state’s supply) and food supply and production in the Delta, Sierras, and Central Valley, trillions of $$$ of non inundated real estate, and our collective California butts in the new era of SLR, as one should be able to easily deduce after review of this article from Monterey Bay Conservancy on linkedin? … https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/damming-golden-gate-douglas-deitch/

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