Where Our Water Comes From

Happy New Year to All! We hope you didn’t miss the short paragraph on the importance of groundwater in the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s (SCVWD) annual newsletter.

This newsletter was sent recently to all households in Santa Clara County but if you missed it you can find it here.

We agree – groundwater is an important source of the water we use plus it provides numerous environmental benefits. This short but fascinating video from the SCVWD shows the sources of the water we use in the Santa Clara Valley as well as why groundwater is so important.

In Silicon Valley, to paraphrase a recent NPR broadcast, “water isn’t just an environmental issue, it is of great economic importance also”.   Business person, entrepreneur, residentialist, developer, student, researcher, etc. – it doesn’t matter how we think of ourselves.  We all need water and it behooves us to protect and wisely use all available sources of water, including the often ignored, but nevertheless valuable, groundwater.

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